Calacatta Brazil is a 100 % natural Quartzite quarried in Brazil. It has a white to slightly cream background with minimal veining of greens and greys.

It has fast become the most popular choice of clients seeking a completely unique custom work surface. The varied tones of the slabs make it a material that will fit elegantly into most colour palettes in any modern kitchen.

We usually stock several blocks of this stone and can offer it in both polished and textured finishes.

Calacatta Brazil

Product Category


Product Thickness

20mm, 30mm

Slab Size

Average size is 3.10m x 1.90m

Block No.

Quartzite is an 100% natural stone which is becoming an increasingly popular choice for clients that seek a distinctly unique and elegant worktop. Quartzite offers a marble like appearance combined with the durability of granite.